Children at Risk

Neve Michael Children's Village, Pardes Hana

Children at risk from third to eleventh grades

Neve Michael Children’s Home's mission is to break the vicious cycle of distress for 280 children at risk ages 5-18 and is the only multidisciplinary children’s home with so many vital services on one site: a 24-hour Children's Emergency Crisis Center, the first and only Teenage Girl’s Crisis Center in Israel, a Special Education Elementary School on the premises, Day Care facilities, a Therapy Enrichment Center tailored to meet the individual needs of the children, and an External Crisis Center and Therapy Counseling Unit for families. Neve Michael serves children from all over Israel who were brought to our doorstep at a tender age and under traumatic circumstances. In many cases, these unfortunate children have been sexually/physically and emotionally abused by their natural parents who are afflicted with mental illness or drug/alcohol addictions.

Children in the Sulmaot Program in Neve Michael and they are learning to play: trumpet, drums, tuba, trombone, flute, saxophone, clarinet and guitar.

There are 3 orchestras: For the younger children, older children and one for exceptional children of all ages.

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