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Caring benefactors are encouraged to join us in this worthy undertaking by contributing to various goals, including:  supporting a Sulamot child who is entering or already participating in the program; purchasing a keyboard, violin, guitar or wind instrument to fulfill the desire of a child who wants to learn how to play music; help us maintain and upgrade used musical instruments;  meeting with participating children and attending a Sulamot performance during a visit to Israel; hosting a fundraising event; spreading the word and promoting community awareness about Sulamot; and lending a helping hand with our most important mission, advancing social change.

Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam, the advancement of social change, is Sulamot’s mission. Our unique enterprise puts social change into action.

Underprivileged children, children from broken homes, children and teens at risk are no less deserving than anyone else of a creative outlet and means of expression. However, they are in more need of emotional healing, self-confidence and character building that comes with them.

We ask for your kind support of this worthy mission.


Support a Child

Each child has a story, each has needs and longings, talents to discover and dreams to fulfill.  The Sulamot program sees each child as a unique assignment. Support for Sulamot means care for every individual child, from the moment he or she expresses a desire to learn music until the rewards of this life-enhancing undertaking are ultimately realized.


Purchase Musical Instruments

For Sulamot's children, the biggest moment of their musical journey is when they get their own personal musical instrument. The sense of mission and purpose that comes with receiving a guitar, violin, flute or trumpet is irreplaceable. The enthusiasm of wide-eyed boys and girls getting their hands on that dream fiddle or mandolin is most memorable.


Maintenance of Musical Instruments

Owning a musical instrument involves special care and responsibility as they are not disposable items.  Pianos need to be tuned, guitars need set-ups, and woodwind instruments require periodic cleaning and greasing. Their life expectancy is promising especially as the more they are played the better they sound. They may age like fine wine – but only with careful maintenance.

Are you planning a visit to Israel?

The best way to get first-hand knowledge about the Sulamot Program is to see it in action. On your next trip to Israel, come and watch as Sulamot's children receive musical instruction from Israel's top musicians or perform publicly for family, friends and their communities.  The well-wishers at these events impart profuse goodwill to the young musicians. Please come and be a part of it. It would be our pleasure to have you pay us a visit as this exciting musical adventure continues.

Host an Event

By taking the initiative to host fundraising events, from parlor meetings to community gatherings and synagogue appeals, you can get your whole family involved in raising funds for Sulamot - Music for Social Change. Please contact us for ideas and information on how to get involved.

Spread the Word

You can make a big difference for needy children who want to learn how to play an instrument, by contacting your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family about Sulamot-Music for Social Change activities in Israel. Help increase awareness of our unique program and encourage your contacts to visit our website and become involved. Additionally, if you have an online business or personal website, you can place a Sulamot banner on your site to increase awareness and traffic to our website.

Community Awareness

The best place to disseminate information is in your own community. You can inform your synagogue, place of worship and community center about the activities of Sulamot-Music for Social Change. Get your community to sponsor a program at Sulamot, help us purchase and maintain musical instruments, or make a direct contribution to Sulamot-Music for Social Change.


For further information please contact Yair Mashiach , CEO at Sulamot.


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