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Under Sulamot – Music for Social Change, underprivileged children from all over Israel are provided with free music lessons from top instructors and professionals as well as a free musical instrument, for which each beneficiary child is held personally responsible. 


Sulamot's Elementary School Program


The acquisition of a set of musical instruments for elementary school students, which will serve their playing needs in Sulamot's annual 3 year music program and will be provided on loan for the duration of their music playing time, also if they decide to stay in the Sulamot's Advanced Program.



55 wind instruments for beginners - $500 x 55 children at grade school level = $27,500.

A set of percussion instruments for 5 children - $2,500.

Total - $30,000.


Sulamot's Advanced Program in Junior High School:


Purchase of musical instruments at the semi-professional level suited for players with the ability to participate in individual lessons and progress to graduate exams.


Purchase of a single instrument with a scholarship - $2,000.
Purchase of a set for an advanced ensemble -10 x 10 players= $20,000


Sulamot's Advanced Program in High School


Purchase of a musical instrument with a scholarship for a student in a preparation course for high school matriculation exams, and playing in representative Municipal Orchestras as well as the Sulamot Orchestra.


$4,000 for a professional level instrument.

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