Sulamot’s Advanced Program

Sulamot's Advanced Program is a special program that allows graduates of Sulamot's three year program in elementary school to continue playing individually and to develop their musical talent and potential.

This program works in conjunction with music conservatories and music centers across the country. Sulamot's children in Sulamot's Advanced Program join the National Sulamot Orchestra, which meets several times a year for workshops, art classes and concerts.

In addition, children in Sulamot's Advanced Program continue to integrate with orchestras and urban ensembles in various music centers.

Sulamot's Advanced Program has a unique and challenging track for matriculation music recitals and in 2018, two students from the Ethiopian sector, graduates of the Sulamot Program in Neve Michael's Children's Home, played  the clarinet and flute and passed with very successful performances.

In 2019 Sulamot had a representative for the first time in the IDF Orchestra, a talented musician who participated in Sulamot's Advanced Program in Yavneh. Sulamot has been accompanying him and supporting his musical lessons.

The flagship project of the Advanced Program is the violin ensemble of children with visual and blind impairments.

 Neve Michael's Children's Home's representative ensemble was featured at the AIPAC Conference and performed before Jewish communities in the USA.

 There are students who participate in Sulamot's  Advanced Program in Be'er Sheva, Mitzpe Ramon, Arad, Tel Aviv, Yavneh, Netanya, Neve Ofer,  Rechovot, Neve Michael, Haifa, Afula, Carmiel and  Kuseife.

15 students in the Ramon School, Mitzpeh Ramon

5 students in the Beersheba Conservatory

1 student in the Netanya Conservatory

3 students in the Carmiel Conservatory

5 students in the Tel Aviv- Jaffa music center

6 students in the Dizengoff School, Rechovot

2 students in Rechovot Conservatory


14 students in Neve Michael Children's Village, Pardes Hana

1 student in Haifa

16 students in Beersheba Junior High School

10 students in Mitzpeh Ramon community center


4 students in Yavneh Center for the Blind

2 students in Afula

Musical Ensembles in Sulamot's Advanced Program

3 students in wind ensemble, Neve Michael Children's Village, Pardes Hana

20 children in orchestra in Neve Michael Children's Village, Pardes Hana

13 students in wind and percussion ensemble in Shorashim School, Tel Aviv

6 students in strings and wind ensemble in Dizengoff School, Tel Aviv

15 students in wind and rhythm section in Ramon School, Mitzpeh Ramon

10 students in strings and wind ensemble in Shavit School, Rechovot

16 students in strings and wind ensemble in Mizpeh School, Beersheba

15 students in wind and rhythm section in Lehavot School, Arad


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